Solar House Updating Seminar 2 OCT 2022


Venue:  The Koroit Theatre, 149 Commercial Road, Koroit VIC 3282

Koroit Theatre


DATE:  2:30pm, Sunday, 2 October 2022

FREE ADMISSION, Refreshments served

VENUE:  Koroit Theatre, Commercial Road, Koroit Victoria


  • Wayne Davies (W.D. Elec. Services) – 'Solar Panels - Installing & expanding'
  • Alex Pye (Warrnambool Solar) - 'Home Batteries - How & what size?'
  • Shane Hicks (Callaghan Motors)'Preparing for an EV - What's needed?'
  • Audience ForumMy problem is ...?


Media Release
10 September, 2022

Seminar: Solar House Updating

Solar House Updating is the theme for the next ‘Show me How’ seminar to be presented by the Replenish Our Planet Association at the Koroit Theatre at 2.30pm on Sunday, 2nd October.

Many households in the south west are now equipped with solar panel systems. However, in response to their experience with the effectiveness and cost savings of these systems, there are a lot of questions about how to modify them. 

A significant bulk buy and install program a number of years ago, provided many local households with relatively small solar systems but subsidised with a wonderful 66c/kwh grid feed-in tariff. This feed-in tariff is scheduled to finish in 2023 so these people are looking to up-grade their systems and possibly add a battery to restore the system’s operating cost efficiency.

In addition, with the increasing interest in electric vehicles, the question arises about what sort of recharge facilities a house requires.
Each of the above issues will be expertly addressed at the “Solar House Updating” Seminar. Wayne Davies, from WD Electrical Services, has many years’ experience with solar installations, big and small, will speak about the latest technology with solar panels. Upgrading and/or replacing systems will be covered together with information about available subsidies and rebates, Alex Pye, from Warrnambool Solar, will have full information about the sizes, styles and cost of batteries, and their appropriateness for different settings. Shane Hicks, the electric vehicle expert from Callaghan Motors, will then share his knowledge of EV recharging requirements. He is also bringing both a full EV and a plug-in Hybrid for people to look at. At the end of the presentations there will be an audience forum session when those present will be able to ask all their difficult and specific questions.

We believe that the program will be relevant to the needs of many people, whether they are looking to install a new system or modify an existing one.

Entry for the seminar is free. This seminar is offered by volunteers from the Replenish our Planet Association.
Further Information :  Barrie Baker, Chair, 0408 554814 or Claudia Mangiamele, Secretary, 0434 369762 
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