Mission statement

Make a change

Replenish Our Planet Living Festival is a waste wise event that advocates positive environmental initiatives toward a sustainable future.

The festival will deliver an incredible exposition of presenters, exhibitors, demonstrations, workshops and tours to communities in South West Victoria. There will be entertainment and activities for all ages.

Vision statement

Replenish Our Planet Living Festival aims to bring awareness, education, innovation and resources to South West Victoria. Our objective is to create an environment of sustainability awareness and practice that incites action and adoption beyond the festival.

Who are we?

The Replenish Our Planet Living Festival is governed by two groups of volunteers.

The Steering Committee consists of six members from our local community, who are guiding the Replenishing Team and delivering on the festival’s objectives.

2019 Committee

The Replenishing Team consists of a further 12 members who have been assigned specific portfolios of responsibility. This is a Not for Profit Event.

We are passionate about environmental issues and Replenishing Our Planet, and hope you will join with us in celebrating this informative, fun and vibrant festival.