Make a Change

Open your door to sustainable living

The Replenish Our Planet Living Festival is an opportunity to engage your mind and senses with genuine positive changes for our planet. We want you to feel the difference that is sustainable living and get inspired to implement change in your own lifestyle!

The festival will offer a diverse range of information on sustainable living. You will have a unique opportunity to hear influential speakers in the field and meet with exhibitors who are providing information on the latest technologies in renewable resources and sustainability practices.

You will encounter a wealth of knowledge to help you implement sustainable changes to your daily lifestyle.

The Festival - Saturday 16th of November in Koroit Botanic Gardens, South West Victoria.
Self Drive Sustainable Tours - Sunday 17th of November

Villages for you to Explore

The festival is seeking to educate and demonstrate in the following key categories: 

  • Community Living:   Education in Networking, Skill Sharing, Gardening, Backyard Food Production, Bee Keeping and how to get Back to Basics. The Economic Benefit of buying local, storytelling and sharing of the wisdom.
  • Hand Crafts:  A variety of traditional trades and crafting, including Natural Fibre Dyeing, Recycling, Spinning, Traditional crafts, Up-cycling, Weaving, Woodworking, Basket Weaving, Carving, Market Stalls  & lots more.
  • Health & Wellbeing:  Natural Health Practices, Natural Foods, Wellbeing through Nature, Sustainable Consumerism, Benefits of Organics and Wholefoods for your better health and wellbeing.
  • Homemaking:  Demonstrations on Cooking, Fermenting, Mending, Preserving, Sewing, Repairing, Recycling and Upcycling.        

    Regenerative Farming Expo

  • Natural Building:  Demonstrations in Lime, Hemp, Mud, Stone, Timber,
    Straw, Wood and Tiny Houses.
  • Sustainable Energy:  Alternative Technologies, Electric Car, Solar powered Pumps, Pedal Powered Appliances, Solar & Wind Power. ROPLF will be powered by renewable energy.
  • Sustainable Farming:   Sustainable Food Production, Organic Growing, Permaculture Principles, BioDynamics, Alternative Farming Methods and Innovations along with "Regenerative Farming" and "Natural Sequence Farming".


Festival Day Nov 16th  

is designed to be a fun-filled, uplifting and experiential day. You can listen to keynote speakers; engage with a broad range of exhibitors; participate in activities and workshops; eat amazing, healthy food; and relax to the sound of talented local musicians.

Enjoy a great day out with family and friends, and reconnect with nature in the beautiful Koroit Botanic Gardens.

Sunday Self Drive Tours Nov 17th   

Showcasing sustainable homes, gardens and business in our communities. The tour will provide further inspiration and the opportunity to ask questions of individuals who are already living more sustainably and self-sufficiently. An example of the properties that will be open for inspection is Nature's Way Eco Sanctuary, Winner of the 2018 Environmental Sustainability Award.

Replenish Our Planet Living festival aims to build the capacity for sustainable living in our region. Many people are already committed to protecting and enhancing the environment in which they live, though they lack the knowledge and practical skills to Make a Change to a truly sustainable lifestyle.


Saturday 16th of November 2019
in Koroit Botanic Gardens, South West Victoria


(Children Under 15 Free)

“Replenish Our Planet Living Festival” is an opportunity to See, Feel, Hear, Taste and Touch real positive changes for our planet.