Keynote Speaker

Peter Andrews OAM - Natural Sequence Farming - 1pm


Peter Andrews OAM is internationally recognised for his pioneering work in transforming degraded, drought stricken landscapes into verdant paradises, utilising his Natural Sequence Farming (NSF) method.

The NSF was developed from simple observation of the natural functioning of the Australian landscape. These patterns and processes are often counter intuitive to traditional European farming methods, but have been backed up by solid science nonetheless.

The United Nations has recognised NSF as one of only five models for sustainable agriculture worldwide and Peter believes the ancient Australian landscape demonstrates a laboratory that could lead the world:

‘Plants managing water can have a 97% impact on climate. If we made proper use of plants and water, we could solve the problem of current climate extremes in one year.’

Peter first came to public attention through the extraordinary example of his grazing property, Tarwyn Park, in Bylong NSW. Tarwyn Park was the test ground for Peter’s theories over 30 years ago and is now used as a training facility to spread the word about NSF.

Support for Peter’s theories has encouraged him to establish The Australian Landscape Science (TALS) Institute, with the ambitious goal of restoring the Australian landscape by 2030. TALS is seeking to advise, educate and initiate landscape reforms within Australia, and to ultimately export this knowledge to the world.

There is a wealth of information available about Peter’s inspiring work. He has written two best-selling books Back from the Brink and Beyond the Brink; and been the focus of numerous episodes of Australian Story on ABC TV - more than any other subject!

We encourage you to take this opportunity to hear Peter speak about his internationally renowned work.

"My books describe that this ancient land has a skeleton in the sediments that once understood will support all forms of agriculture and climate management.  As it once functioned automatically managed by plants powered by sunlight all that grow a plant can be part of the solution.  Once people are taught to take advantage of the skeleton that remains particularly in the sedimentary areas it is said by experts 'will lead the world'.  This resulted in the most effective climate and landscape functions on the planet. It must be noted that this large continent had the least number of natural climate support systems but was able to maintain the best climate and involved megafauna and the greatest biodiversity on the planet".