Mini Workshops

Mini Workshops

Nature Art

Nature is everywhere, whether we are walking along the beach, in the bush or your backyard, this means art is too. There are many opportunities for adults and children to express themselves creatively with nature.  In this workshop you can make your artistic creations using items found in nature including leaves, sticks, bark, pebbles, seedpod, nuts, berries and petals.

Sonic Harmony Sound Healing Therapy 

Through ancient, soothing, vibrational frequencies of Drum, Singing Bowls & Voice, journey to your own inner realms enabling deep relaxation where an altered state of consciousness similar to deep meditation can be achieved. Benefits of Sound Meditation can include deep relaxation, clarity, cellular regeneration, balance of body, mind spirit.

Making Seed Bombs

One, two, three and throw the perfect plant bomb into your garden!  No explosions, no retreating just a fun way to sow seeds.  Come along and learn the art of making seed bombs.  Versatile little packages of plants ready for sowing at home.  Expect to get your hands dirty.  Expect to learn and expect to have fun!  The best excuse I can think of for making mud pies!

Beach Trash Jewellery Making

We often get asked, “What do you do with all the plastic trash you collect off our beaches"? Rather than throw it in landfill, we are finding creative ways to re-use plastic trash. In this workshop, you be shown how to make funky earrings out of marine debris. By the end of the workshop, not only will you have a new up-cycled fashion accessory but you will also have a wearable statement about marine debris.