Sunday 17th: Self-drive Sustainable Tours

Sunday the 17th of November is Self Drive Sustainable Tours showcasing sustainable homes, gardens and businesses within our communities. The tour will provide further inspiration and the opportunity to ask questions to individuals who are already living more sustainably and self-sufficiently. 

Properties are open from 10am - 4pm

Admission: Gold Coin per person per property. 

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You can obtain a copy of the Self Drive Sunday Tours Map 
on admission into the festival on Saturday the 16th  
or download your copy here (pdf).

Sustainable properties:


Nature's Way Eco Sanctuary

Winner of the 2018 Environmental Sustainability Award 
"Open the door to Sustainable Living"

Link to Nature's Way Eco Sanctuary
Nature's Way Eco Sanctuary

Rosebrook Community Garden

"Let's Grow Together"
Come Visit the Rosebrook Community Garden and hear Permaculturalist Carolyn.  Carolyn will be providing 15-minute Permaculture design consultations covering; food growing, small animal systems, waste streams, soils and compost, and passive house design elements. 

Sue Blood & Ross Dawson

"From a Blank Canvas"
We purchased the property 3 years ago as a blank canvas with the idea of developing a native landscape and a sustainable food garden.
- Native landscape of over 800 native trees and shrubs planted to encourage birds and insects.
- Scoria mulch and extensive rock landscaping.
- Productive food garden consisting of raised beds with plants pollinated by on site bees.
David and Linda Handscombe of "The Ark Garden" will be on-site to discuss native plant selection and establishing a native garden.
Ben & Sarah Pohlner of "Volcano Produce" will be on-site to discuss the use of aquaponics in strawberry, raspberry and fruit production.

Sue & Rod's Place


 Annie Schofield's Garden

"Piroitchy Hoorong" (The spirit that mocks you).  This impressive garden on the coastal soils of Port Campbell, reflects the long journey to its current beauty. You are encouraged to visit and understand the:
- Use of micro climates to combat the weather conditions
- Techniques of building productive soil
- Resourceful use of plants and recycled materials


The Place of Wonder

"Where the art of producing and preparing sustainable food combine"

Link to The Place of Wonder website
The Place of Wonder

Warrnambool Community Garden

"Grow, Learn, Produce & Share"

Link to Warrnambool Community Garden website
Warrnambool Community Garden


The Self Drive Sustainable Tours aim to build the capacity for sustainable living in our regions and further communities. Many people are already committed to protecting and enhancing the environment in which they live, yet lack the knowledge and practical skills to make the change to a truly sustainable lifestyle.

Please note, No dogs.