Show Me How Program 2021


Venue:  The Koroit Theatre, 149 Commercial Road, Koroit VIC 3282

Koroit Theatre

Brauer College Debating Team & Tracey Wilson

Seminar Topic: Preserve Our Biodiversity

Sunday, August 22,  2.30-3.30pm

Brauer Debating Team 'Food for Thought'
Tracey Wilson 'Wildlife Matters'
Steve Veale 'Extinction … Who is next?'

Maintaining biodiversity in our environment is the theme for the next ‘Show me How’ seminar presented by the Replenish Our Planet Association.  The seminar will feature a debate by the Brauer College debating team and presentations from Tracey Wilson of Moss Wood Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Park and Steve Veale representing the Extinction Rebellion movement.

Brauer College Debating TeamHuman life depends on a balanced and sustainable environment of animals, plants, insects, microbes, etc. What we eat can influence this balance, and the significance of meat eating or going vegan on this balance is an issue for debate. The Brauer debating team will argue out this issue.

Tracey WilsonTracey Wilson of Moss Wood Wildlife Centre will then provide a few strategies that we can adopt to ensure that we humans do not destroy the biodiversity that exists in our towns, farms and countryside. Providing opportunities to increase biodiversity in our home gardens is not a thing we think about often, but is important and Tracey can tell us how.

Steve VealeOn a world wide view there has been and continues to be on-going massive loss of biodiversity, with Australia as one of the worst contributors.  Steve Veale will present the goals of the Extinction Rebellion movement. The pressures created by human activity add to those of climate change, to set us on a linear path of reduced biodiversity. Extinction Rebellion seeks to establish a more sustainable circular path.

There will be opportunities throughout the seminar for questions and discussion.

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