Recycling with Purpose Forum 2022



Our first speaker Teena Lawrance - Education Officer for Moyne Shire Waste Management, accompanied by Jordan Byrne - Waste Management Team Leader, gave a great presentation of where the Moyne Shire are at in terms of kerbside collection of waste and the role of transfer stations in sorting it and sending it off variously for recycling.  What goes in which bin was high on the agenda.  The presentation "Waste Management for a Sustainable Future" is attached here.

Our second speaker Roslyn Smail inspired us sharing her connection with the international Buy Nothing Project which has led to her setting up a Buy Nothing Koroit Facebook Page.  The Project was founded in 2013 with the mission to build community connecting people through hyperlocal gifting (no buying, selling, exchanging) and reducing our impact on the environment.  There are about 7000 individual Buy Nothing communities around the world.  Roslyn encourages and supports anyone who wishes to set up such a community in any other south west locality. Her presentation is attached here.

Our third speaker Barrie Baker, Chairperson of Replenish Our Planet Association, which has its headquarters at Bookworm Gallery in Koroit, followed on with this theme of local efforts to collect and take particular items to local collection points under the title “Every Little Bit Helps” - what can we personally do beyond sorting our waste appropriately into the four bins:
(a) Most of us know that Koroit IGA is a collection point for old batteries.
(b) The Uniting Church Office in Koroit takes 1.  plastic bottle lids (Lids4Kids) 2.  Bread tags   3.  Ring Pulls.
(c) Coles and Woolworths collect plastic bags and plastic packaging in collaboration with Redcycle.
(d) Upparel collects bulk amounts of nearly all textiles for recycling.
(e) Many southwest hairdressers are part of Sustainable Salons, where hair, foils etc are sorted into buckets and collected for recycling. Hair is used in oil spills & wigs.

Members of the audience joined in robustly to the discussions above.

Replenish Our Planet would like to investigate more collection points in Koroit for local convenience & who can recycle it.  Terracycle is an organisation that collects everything from old binders, air filters, bathroom items, masks, which we will explore further.

All contributions and suggestions would be greatly appreciated to (Claudia Secretary)

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