Keynote Speaker

Helen & Hugo Disler - Regenerative Farming - 10:15am


Helen & Hugo Disler (Farming Secrets) are passionate supporters of farmers gaining the knowledge and support required to farm sustainably, regeneratively and with more profits in doing so.

Their ability to connect with farmers and understand the real issues makes Farming Secrets one of the most highly sought after information networks on sustainable, easy, profitable farming in the world.

They started Farming Secrets with the vision to film successful farmers and experts sharing their knowledge on how to grow a healthy soil with less stress, less inputs but with more profits. The result? Happy farmers producing nutrient rich food for all and building a viable farm for future generations. They have captured hundreds of hours of training and information from the best experts from around the world as well as hundreds of farmers on their farms using these techniques successfully.

Through their Farming Secrets Network this knowledge is available as well as on hand support to help you implement and trial new techniques and learn from other farmers sharing their wins and challenges.

For nearly 30 years Helen & Hugo have been on the journey of learning about regenerative and natural farming techniques built on top of many years in farming and farming supplies businesses. Through their knowledge and support, Helen & Hugo have helped and are helping farmers relate to the land and realise their dreams of farming sustainably, contributing back to the land and making profits for their families.