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The Apothecary - John Harrison

Come along to Replenish Our Planet Living Festival and watch John's educational and entertaining presentation on Historic Medicine.

John Harrison trained as a horticulturalist across Victoria; he then went on to train as teacher and taught horticulture in Ballarat for several years.  Following this he volunteered at the Sovereign Hill Museum and developed the character of Dr Harrison the Apothecary.

In 2018 John completed a course on the History of Medicine at The Worshipful Society of London Apothecaries in Blackfriars London and he is now a Fellow of the Worshipful Society of London Apothecaries. Dr Harrison has also developed an interest in the art of Phrenology, the reading of the contours of the skull.

Just as the History of plant Medicine spans the centuries of evolution so has John’s research covered these years. John has put in many hours of study and given many talks across Victoria on both Horticulture and the history and development of medicines throughout the ages. John has a large collection of specimens some of which he is able to bring to his talks.