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Gypsy Weaver

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Gypsyweaverstudio-208022379748253/

Cathy will be demonstrating her Saori weaving at the festival and looks forward to chatting with festival goers about it.  She will also have hand woven clothing, hats, scarves and bags for sale.  (Photo copyright Gypsy Weaver Studio)

"SAORI is about creativity, it is not about counting, it is not about patterns, it is not formal. Everything you have created has come from you."  Cathy Tobin, the Gypsy Weaver
A SAORI weaver of 4 years, Cathy, based in Maryborough thrives on the self-expressionism that this form of Japanese weaving encourages.   
Pieces incorporate all types of yarns and fabric.   All her yarns and fabrics are sourced secondhand, gifted or recycled with the aim of saving it from landfill.